LenovoEMC Personal Cloud Downloads

Download and install the LenovoEMC Storage Manager software to connect to a personal cloud. If you used the link in an email invitation, your download will be preconfigured. If you already have Storage Manager installed, simply open the application and use the access code from the invitation. You will need a unique access code for each device (computer or LenovoEMC storage device) you want to connect to the cloud.

LenovoEMC Network
Storage Device

  • Once you create or join a Personal Cloud, all members of that cloud may be able to access data and applications on shared devices. You should only join a cloud with people you trust. Be sure you also take appropriate steps to limit the access of others to applications and data on your device and network. Learn more about security here.

  • The email address on the invitation you received to join a Personal Cloud is not shared with LenovoEMC. Neither is any of the data, communication, or information exchanged among Personal Cloud members shared with, monitored by, or known to, LenovoEMC. All access and control to the Personal Cloud is exercised by the person who invited you to participate. Under the laws of the European Union, that person is the ‘Data Controller’.

  • Important information about privacy, security, and other legal requirements are found in the end user license agreement that accompanies the Storage Manager Software; you can view it now by clicking here. Be sure to read it carefully. Once you download the software you will be required to accept the terms in order to install and participate in the Personal Cloud.

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